Green Living – Organic Spaghetti Sauce


This sauce is now a staple in my listing of meatless dishes. If Americans ate just one meatless meal a week it’d be the equivalent of carrying 8 million cars off the street. So, I encourage you to come up with a couple of meals for your loved ones. The extra advantage is that they’re economical, even if made with Nutritional content of the Spaghetti Squash.

Added Advantages of organic:

Supporting the farmers that are changing to organic farming

This recipe came to me Dr. Weil that has attracted alternative procedures into the medical sector. He’s an advocate for healthy eating and has great worries about the food agribusiness has bombarded in our food chain.

Thus, enjoy, have fun, be creative with this recipe. All components may be adjusted to your preference. Serve with a salad, made from organic vegetables, organic salad dressing along with a few hot organic bread.

Organic Spaghetti Sauce

1 8 ounce can organic tomato sauce (15 oz)

2 tbs. Organic olive oil

Dice onion, green pepper, red pepper. Grate carrot. Smash garlic using a huge knife, peel and chop.

Add olive oil to pan and heat for approximately 30 minutes; add onion, green pepper, red pepper and carrot. On medium high heat perspiration vegetables. You don’t need them to brownish; essentially you’re utilizing the warmth to start cooking them about 6 minutes. Add the garlic, sweat and simmer for around one minute. Add spices, sweat and stir for approximately one minute.

Add diced tomatoes and tomato sauce, then turn heat to high. When sauce is boiling turn heat down to simmer, the smallest setting available on your cooker. You want the sauce to simply enjoy itself and possess the ingredients. Cover and let simmer for approximately one hour, stirring occasionally (if you’re in a rush that the sauce is prepared at that time your spaghetti is cooked should you place the water for supper in precisely the exact same time just be certain to have sweated the veggies enough so they’re cooked).