Cultivating Shrooms With Your Hands


Are you a mushroom freak? Want to have mushrooms more? Want to try this growth by yourself. Then it is a matter of no worries at all. Everything you need to know is just to be equipped with the appropriate tools, to be used during mushrooms’ growth.

Magic mushrooms or shrooms are the amazing creation of nature that you can cultivate at your side, as well. These fruiting nutrients having spores printed on their capped body attract everyone to be consumed or to atleast know about them more. Famous for their psychedelic effects, these shrooms can help you in experiencing wonderful states of mind.

In order to grow shrooms, you first bring necessary equipments at your home. Having an appropriate substrate, a pint jar, and a spot with full of sanitation are your core essentials. Take your substrate, fill it with rice flour, vermiculite and add a specified amount of water into it. This substrate is sealed into a kind of pint jar, in order to ensure that the substrate is free of contaminations or any type of preservatives that may endanger the substrate.

To grow shrooms, this sterility is a must as the major flow of procedure occurs in this substrate, as the shroom will begin to grow from the rice cake, present in the substrate. Since spores on a mushroom body, is a major thing to look at, so with the help of a suitable Spore syringe, the solution for printing spores is added into the substrate. At a temperature of 75-85 degrees Fahrenheit, the psilocybe spores are germinated and make the substrate colonized by the fungus.

As the shrooms start growing from the stem, the rice cake is removed from the substrate, and then they are kept growing at about 80-85 degrees of Fahrenheit by 90-95% of humidity rate. After the complete growth of mushrooms, they are then dried to finally harvest them. Now your own cultivated mushrooms are in your hands. Always keep the required stuff with you, to grow shrooms. Once you cultivate them successfully, there would not be any ambiguity for you in future.