Canadian Mail Order Pharmacy


Canadian mail order pharmacy is now another way to reach from the US customer in need of more expensive medication. The company is growing and attracting new customers each day. Many Internet sites have sprung up as intermediaries for transacting medication business involving pharmacies and users in Canada and outdoors.

As is true with online pharmacy, these sites also supply medications for purchase at speeds that may compete with the best provided in the United States. These companies provide a mixture comprising both brand name and generic prescription medications. Most sites claim to provide around 3,000 prescription and nonprescription medications and savings of around 80% in comparison with US retail rates.

Mail order pharmacy can be fast catching up one of US customers. In this case too, the majority of the intermediaries and the first medications do not need a valid prescription by a physician either in US or Canada. Actually you only need to name the medication and it’s yours. A number of them are supplying a catalog, which permits customers to select export of drugs from different nations, which can be even more affordable. Comparative costs of the requisite medication in five or more countries are recorded and Review also assists the customer in making his buy decision.

These services could be obtained from the comfort of one’s home. The aggressive pricing plan coupled with the assortment of services provided has raked in tens of thousands of dollars for its Canadian drugstore businesses. Until Canada regulates the company or the costs of drugs goes up in that nation, the requirement for mail order medication will only increase.