A Brief History Of Cricket World Cup


The first Cricket World Cup was played during 1975 in England. The first 3 matches were also recognized as Prudential Cup with the sponsorship of prudential plc, it’s a pecuniary solutions company. The cricket matches was comprised of sixty overs per players which was played with established white uniform along with white balls. Generally there were matches held merely during morning and also the event is held actually 4 years.

Till the 1992 Cricket World Cup, just eight teams participated in the Cricket tournament. Later, the figures of teams were definitely improved and in Cricket World Cup 2007, sixteen teams will take part. In 1975, West Indies, Australia, East Africa, India, New Zealand, England, Pakistan as well as Sri Lanka got participation and during 1979 Canada have been supplanted by East Africa. In 1983, Zimbabwe made an entry area and Canada was from the court. Exactly the same teams had taken part in the 1987 Cricket World Cup.

In 1992, South Africa created an entry in the team and also pertaining year nine teams had taken part in the Cricket tournament. By the season 1996, the quantity of teams actually increased much more around twelve with the participation of 3 fresh groups UAE, Kenya and Netherlands. Bangladesh and Scotland had been supplanted by Netherlands and UAE during 1999 Cricket World Cup.

England successively hosted the first 3 matches and during 1987 match evolved into the 1st World Cup being hosted outside England. Cricket World Cup 1987 introduced unbiased umpires. The 1996 Cricket World Cup began the very first appearance of third umpire before the television monitor.

All of the nine cricket world cup matches played also have contributed much more records in the Cricket World Cup History. The records are on many excellent batting strike rate, maximum individual scores, and also uppermost run scorers, good bowling analysis, best bowling financial system rate, best bowling strike rate, chief wicket takers, premier team totals, lowest team totals, most major cricket catches and also most dismissals. Right now cricket have many fascinating leagues and one of the best currently is Pakistan super league, You can watch psl 2020 at this site.